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Possible timeout with too many workouts to export?


I have around 1500 workouts logged into Endomondo. When I use EndomondoExport to fetch more than about 500 workouts for exporting, I always get an empty list of workouts to export, after a long-ish delay. So I can at any point only export the latest approximately 500 workouts, which leaves 2/3 of my data impossible to export.

Do you have any idea if the export request could be paged to handle bigger exports, or if a query by date is possible, to get around this issue?

Steps to reproduce:

1) Get more than 1000 workouts on an Endomondo account.
2) Enter 1000 in the EndomondoExport input field as the number of workouts to fetch.
3) Click "List Workouts".
4) <PROBLEM>: No workouts are listed after the request delay.